Chimera (EP)

Release Date: August 16, 2014
Format: Digital

Chimera on iTunes


  1. Diamond Eyes
  2. Vanish in the Air
  3. Kings and Queens
Chiméra is a mythological creature made up of a lion, a goat, and a serpent. However, it can also describe something wildly imaginative. In this Chiméra EP, composed of 3 songs, Marié takes her listeners to a whole new direction from her acoustic talent. This EP is filled with new sounds that are vibrant and have big, sonic landscapes. Marié also released music videos on her YouTube channel for each of the songs that are visually stunning and takes you into her wild imagination. This EP is refreshing in that Marié’s music is always changing and evolving.

Winter Fields (Album)

Release Date: Nov 2013
Format: Digital


  1. Ferris Wheel
  2. Wait For Love
  3. Dear Friend
  4. Sleeping Next To You
  5. Alive
  6. Korewa
  7. Lovesick Sunday
  8. Home
  9. Dusk
  10. Grandpa’s Kite
Winter Fields was released secretly from Marié through digital download. In this album, she goes back to her roots of her debut album, Unfold, with pop-rock love songs and melodic piano ballads. The album is made up of songs that were “oldies, but goodies” but have never found a home on a previous album. With its secret release, it was sure a pleasant surprise for her hardcore fans. (2013)

Your Love (Album)

Release Date: September 16, 2011
Format: Digital, Physical

Your Love on iTunes Your Love on Amazon


  1. Your Love
  2. Swoon
  3. I Think I’m in Love
  4. Loving You is Easy
  5. I Do (Duet with Jericho Rosales)
  6. Say It Again
  7. Umbrella
  8. Your Love (Duet with Sam Milby)
  9. Your Love (Instrumental)
  10. Swoon (Instrumental)
  11. I Think I’m in Love (Instrumental)
  12. Loving You is Easy (Instrumental)
  13. I Do – Duet (Instrumental)
  14. Your Love – Duet (Instrumental)
Marié’s third album, Your Love, stirs up memories of those we love and have loved with its simple, vibrant, and upbeat songs. Marié once again delivers the songs with strong emotions that will capture your ears and hearts that may make you want to fall in love. (2011)

Breathing Underwater (Album)

Release Date: June 24, 2009
Format: Physical, Digital

Breathing Underwater on iTunes Breathing Underwater on Amazon


  1. Daybreak
  2. Avalanche
  3. Breathing Underwater
  4. Should’ve Been Simple
  5. Know You By Heart
  6. Feel
  7. Come Find Me
  8. Symphony
  9. Machine
  10. Overboard (featuring Livvi Franc)
  11. Love With a Stranger
  12. Come to Life
  13. Crazier Things
Taking a bold risk from her folksy debut album, Marié releases her second album, Breathing Underwater, filled with beats and fuller sounds while still keeping the essence of her song-writing talent of lyrics that are rich with emotion and storytelling, such as songs like “Breathing Underwater,” “Avalanche,” “Feel,” and “Come to Life.” The album reflects a certain period of her life when she was falling for someone and the conflicted emotions that came along with it. Soon after the release of the album, she released the “Breathing Underwater” movie in episodes that told the stories behind the songs, leaving the viewer to guess what was real and what was just a part of her imagination. (2009)

Second Home (Japanese Album)

Release Date: March 4, 2009
Format: Physical, Digital

Second Home on iTunes Second Home on Amazon


  1. gravity
  2. チェリー
  3. 君という花
  4. ギブス
  5. やさしい気持ち
  6. バンザイ ~好きでよかった~
  8. 涙そうそう
  9. Gentle Smile
  10. 今宵の月のように
  11. 【es】 〜Theme of es〜
Being half Japanese and Irish-American who lives in LA, but travels to and from Japan, Marié releases this Japanese cover album titled Second Home because she considers Japan to be her second home. The album is composed of folksy, upbeat songs and soft ballads in Japanese. (2009)

Unfold (Debut Album)

Release Date: April 8, 2008
Format: Digital, Physical

Unfold on iTunes Unfold on Amazon


  1. Fool
  2. Better Off Alone
  3. Say It Again
  4. Miss Invisible
  5. Stupid for You
  6. Girlfriend
  7. Traffic
  8. Voice on the Radio
  9. Spell
  10. Beauty In Walking Away
  11. Unfold
  12. Umbrella
Marié’s debut album reveals she is more than a YouTube cover star. In her debut album, Unfold, together with her warm and sweet voice, she writes light-hearted, pop-rock love songs like “Say It Again” and “Stupid For You,” melodic piano ballads like “Spell,” and deep, heartfelt songs like “Unfold” that will leave your heart feeling a wide range of emotions. (2008)